VPN Router Setup In A Few Easy Steps

WiFi connection has permanently entered our lives so we can move around our homes and use Internet from any location. As users become more concerned about the security of the saved data on their electronic devices, it is important to secure home wireless connection as they have both connectivity and security issues. The solution to this problem is to install VPN Unlimited through DD-WRT enabled router. Offering ‘super boost’ to wireless network, VPN router is powerful enough to protect all electronic devices used on location.


Why choose VPN router?

VPN router offers consistent wireless connectivity signal. In addition, it allows anonymous surfing with ability to hide local IP address. It means that thanks to VPN service user’s online activity becomes virtually inaccessible for any cybercriminal. With a variety of routers available on the web, it is easy to pick the powerful model. Nowadays, both computer experts and users agree that the need to use Internet connection through VPN service is simply undeniable.

Enabling VPN service through Router

The router is designed to enhance the strength of the transmission signal. VPN Unlimited encrypts the transmitted input/output data sent over the network through creation of consistent tunneling for VPN connection enabled devices. Some VPN routers come with pre-installed hardware. Otherwise, it is easy to install DD-WRT on the device yourself. Keep in mind that using a router without connection to VPN service will not offer a full protection. VPN encrypts all of the data sent over the Internet and literally keeps away the intruders from accessing your home network.

Why all users need VPN service?

The new media is filled with stories about talented cyber criminals that will do anything to get what they want, users vulnerable data. Despite of general statistics that they target corporate computers and networks, millions of people are put at risk as these ‘predators’ easily enter desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones. Many of cyber attackers confess that aside from impressive financial gain, they see their extensive hacking activities as fun and challenging. As a former and world-known hacker, Kevin Mitnick likes to say, “breaking into somebody else’s computer is like playing a sophisticated game of chess”. Unfortunately, the regular users fall as victims to hackers’ activity, and statistics show millions of them becoming vulnerable every day.

How to Set Up Your VPN router

We provide OpenVPN settings to each and every customer with 1-year+ subscription. Please request your settings at [email protected] to start configuring.

  1. Open the Router Admin webpage in your browser and select the VPN – VPN Client tab.
  2. Click Add Profile. In dialog, select OpenVPN tab. Fill the Description field and set Auto-reconnection Yes.
  3. Click Choose File button and select server file from the downloaded OpenVPN settings archive-file.
  4. Click Upload button and wait for ‘Complete’ and click OK.
  5. Click Activate and then check the Connection Status.

Now your connection is protected by VPN Unlimited and all devices connected to the Internet through this router are 100% secured.

Our team has performed thorough testing of a good number of routers and pointed out the best ones to work with VPN Unlimited. Here you can find a list of our recommended DD-WRT and Tomato VPN routers by FlashRouters. Study their specifications, and decide what router is better for you.

Please follow below instructions to set up a VPN connection using the OpenVPN protocol on your router with the Tomato or DD-WRT firmware:

Note, the router solution is available for the users with an active subscription for VPN Unlimited, starting from Professional (1-year) and up. In this case, our support team will provide you with the clear configurations to easily set up our VPN service on your router and get the protection for all your connected devices.

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  1. Sorin Ionuț Sbârnea
    May 9, 2015 - 9:21 PM

    Wondering how it comes that such a long article is missing to specify where you download the OpenVPN profile from as there is no such option on your website or any of the clients. I was able to find on reddit that we have to open a support ticket for that and this does not seem like the best user experience.

    • Hi! The thing is, we provide OpenVPN profile for the users who’ve purchased 1-year+ subscription. That is exactly why we provide the settings via e-mail only.

      • Hello you provide files OpenVPN via email but did not explain how to load the router , just do a simple guide and inviara all customers that require it

        • Hi! I’m sorry you had problems with the set up, but there are plenty of routers out there. Our guide wouldn’t be that simple. Anyway, we’re working on it.

  2. Anthony Downing
    May 13, 2015 - 8:32 PM

    I did take out a one year subscription which must be coming to an end will you notify me when i need to renew, also i now need to protect 2 router’s, as i have one for my Apple computer and i pad and one for an android box and TV set up, So can i have both router’s covered. before the take over i used to correspond with Ali, but have not received any e-mails since the take over.

  3. How is the 5 user limit enforced with a router? Or do all the devices connected through the router count as 1?

  4. i wish this article was bit more exhaustive. i tried this on dd-wrt router with the provided openvpn file and with pptp also. none of them worked and none of these instructions nor one i got from support (via email) was useful enough to successfully get it working. other vpn services have better support. i strongly think vpn unlimited will succeed staying competent by providing better support.
    for eg., check http://wiki.hidemyass.com/Router_Configuration or http://strongvpn.com/setup_dd-wrt_pptp.html for how well the instruction are and in all likeliness, looks tested.
    with all the pain points anyway, did anyone ever got dd-wrt router to work with provided openvpn profile file or pptp settings? hearing ‘yes’ will simply comfort me to try again – though the support from vpn unlimited is very limited.

    • Hi Sol, our OpenVPN profile proved to be working with all the routers we’ve ever met. The only thing is, we don’t provide step-by-step instructions for the dd-wrt in particular, and this is our mistake, because this set-up is much more complicated than the one for PPTP. We’ll make the instruction and send it to you.

      • Can you send one to me as well. Or publish it on the blog. The step by step instructions would be awesome. I’ve been trying for two weeks now and I can’t get it to work still.

  5. Hello can you please send me the instructions for the PPTP please I´m waiting to config my router you yesterday sendme some partial info, but is better with the instrucction step by step, because i need config the router, at this moment im stuck waiting for your help.

    • Hi! We’ve replied you 3 hours ago, please check. It says that you should use your e-mail address as a username.
      Sorry, but we don’t have a universal step-by-step instruction.

  6. Hi, I got an infinite subscription and mailed the support about a week ago but haven’t heard back since. Can you send me the OpenVPN config for my router, please?

    • Hi! I’m sorry but I couldn’t find a request from an e-mail you’ve used to leave a comment ([email protected]). Could you please send us another letter or specify the e-mail you’ve used to register a KeepSolid ID?

  7. I sent an email to request OpenVPN information a few weeks ago, and have not heard anything back about establishing it to my router….

    • Hi! You’ve got a reply from Helen Khomich on May 13th, please check your spam folder.

      • Below was the email I received, I have since removed a device from my list and have not received the credentials to apply OpenVPN to my router….

        Hello, John!
        We can generate OpenVPN settings, but you will be needed to install them by yourself on your own risk.
        Please, note, we are providing assistance only in generating appropriate settings and don’t provide any instructions how to configure it on your device directly.
        To get the settings, please, make 1 slot available in your device’s list.
        You can manage your account personally from your Simplex Solutions office at https://vpn.simplexsolutionsinc.com/
        Please go to Devices, here you can see the list of all your devices. Here you’ll be able to manage them manually. You can delete only one device per week. Please try it and let me know if it worked for you.

        Feel free to contact me anytime you need my assistance,
        Best regards,
        Helen Khomich
        Customer Support Team
        KeepSolid Inc.

  8. I sent an email to request OpenVPN information.
    My ticket is 32872. Can you help me ?
    Thank you very much.

  9. Hi Maria, I have also sent an email to request router settings (ticket 34284). Could you help seek a response? Thanks kindly for your help

  10. I also need the DD-WRT settings and procedure. My ticket number is 34526.

  11. Maria I have the PPTP settings and the OpenVPN settings fro Yuriy but when I try and use the OpenVPN client on my Asus Router I cant get it to activate.

    Yuriy provided me with the login PPTP details (Letters & Numbers:Myemail) and Password. Is the details I use in the OpenVPN Client or do I use my windows VPN Unlimited login in details?

    Can you assist – I know its something simple I am missing

  12. I have gotten your settings via email, but when I use the info in my router settings, I get “incorrect user/password”.
    Then I see that the username “D8116465-XXXX-4D99-XXXX-XXXX43F213FC:[email protected]” is too long… the “.com” cannot fit in the field…
    Now what?

    • Could you please follow the conversation with your support agent by e-mail?

  13. I am on the 3yrs service plan and tried to request that setting 3 weeks ago (request 34529). Got a reply from the support and confirmed I can do it myself before they sent out the configuration details Never get back to me after that even I send two emails to request an update. This kind of service sucks (and not to mention the VPN service never works in China even your comments on Google play store stated that you are working on that 9 MONTHS ago)!

    • Hi Jack, I’m sorry but we’ve never received your 2rd reply. However, our support agent did receive your bad rating, so the mail system works just right, only your letters weren’t delivered.
      Where exactly and on what kind of internet connection doesn’t VPN work in China?
      You can find a manual for DD-WRT set up here: https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/ddwrtsetup. Please request your settings by e-mail, we’ll be happy to provide them.

  14. Jose Luis Lucio González
    July 17, 2015 - 11:41 AM

    I’ve asked for the files a few days ago without response … what happends

  15. I have sent multiple emails and the only reply I got was “Are you sure your router supports VPN?”. Totally useless email.Thankfully she did ask for my router model and firmware and then promptly ignored me since I replied… ignored my follow up emails also… So today I complain about the lack of response and receive an email asking if I got the first email that I replied to…

    Completely and utterly worthless trying to communicate via email. So finally, I came upon this post via google: https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/ddwrtsetup and this was EXACTLY what I wanted! To a T!

    There is only 2 problems…
    1. They specify the Cypher as AES 128 SHA but my firmware only offers me
    So that is simple enough to solve… just try both… It’s the only128 SHAs in the list so it HAS to be on of them so how hard can it be to try one then the other…

    2. But the other problem is that all of the servers they provided me all give the same result:
    20150802 21:10:05 N RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: ro.vpnunlimited.com: Name or service not known

    Every single last one I have tried has come back to me as “cannot resolve host. Service not known”

    So I have no idea what to do now. 2 weeks of being ignored via email has proven that that is not going to get me anywhere and now that I have found what I asked them for for 2 weeks via Google on my own… now I am still getting this one problem where all their domains are unresolvable and I have nobody to ask…

    Does anyone here know why this might be the case?

    • Hi! I’ve found your ticket in our support system, and there were no 2-week delays with an answer, as far as I can see. The latest message was received yesterday after a reply from Anastasia. I’ve transferred your ticket to another support manager, Yuri. Please follow the conversation via e-mail, I hope we’ll resolve the issue.

  16. Did anyone managed to get the VPN unlimited setup done for DD-WRT router. By following the below link, I can establish the connection however when I restart my router, I need to reset it and go through the process from scratch.


    The VPN unlimited support is really poor, they take weeks to respond and I do not think they are technically competent to provide a solution.

  17. Many comments on this blog complain about support. I have until today found support quite good but when I opened a support request 121235 and get a response “Unfortunately, we don’t provide instructions” maybe more of the commenters on here have a point. What service can VPN unlimited provide with an answer like “Unfortunately, we don’t provide instructions” It is downright appalling to leave a user high and dry.

  18. Mondongo de Pollo (@loco_live)
    August 28, 2016 - 10:33 PM

    Agree, Plus now they deleted the DDWRT Instruction from the Manuals section. They are “updating them”. Still I have tried every possible combination to no luck.

  19. Hi there,

    did vpnunlimited support mikrotik router?
    did anyone have success configure vpnunlimited on mikrotik?

    i’ve tried configure on mikrotik, but the result is not good.
    it’s say connected but after couple of sec it disconnected.

    help me please.

    Thanks a lot

  20. This information is really enough to guide any person to setup a VPN router in your home. How to enable VPN from the router and how to set up these key points are really informative.

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