Get Your To Do Checklist 3.0 for Free – Our Special 10 000 Giveaway!


Aside from providing the premium quality applications and services, we believe that it is crucial to show our loyal customers that we highly appreciate choosing our products for everyday use. While it is obvious that usually the gifts and discounts are given out during Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have decided to stir up the tradition by giving our customers a special ‘Summer Thank You Gift’. At this time, we are ready to give out To Do Checklist 3.0 that our consumers will be able to use for a whole year.

As you know, the overall people’s activity is on the rise during the summer time thanks to the sunny weather and the much sought out vacations. Our customers are always thankful for the 100% commitment that we demonstrate along with superior customer satisfaction and service, yet opening an e-mail and finding a special gift, an application that can be used for daily planning is quite inspiring.

To Do Checklist Give Away

Starting tomorrow, June 10th, 2014, Simplex Solutions Inc. starts 10 000 To Do Checklist giveaway. The procedure of getting a free app is minimized to four steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Find 10 000 redeem code give away countdown with 1-year app access;
  3. Proceed with redeem code input:

a)     copy the code;

b)     proceed to download on the App Store;

c)     enter the code;

d)     share the news with your friends and teammates.

4. Start using To Do Checklist for your daily planning – use location-dependent reminders, sync automatically tasks between iPhones and iPads and share tasks with your contacts via Facebook or e-mail.

Get Your Present Now

Getting Presents from Simplex Solutions Inc. has never been easier. Especially, our customers will appreciate the app when they can use it for important task reminders, things-to-pack lists for vacation, on-location reminders and do task sharing with friends or colleagues. As it turns out, the Summer 2014 will turn out to be the best season ever.

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