Early Bird Offer: To Do Checklist Pre-Release 70% Discount

More-Efficient-TodayOur Company highly appreciates every customer that chooses to use our popular applications and services. In order to show our appreciation during spring, 2014, we give a special gift to our users. The Company continues to offer exclusive yet affordable products and services, and now you can get an Early Bird 70% Discount Offer. We are about to launch new To Do Checklist service and you can get it at 30% of its original price. The offer is available for a short time only in terms of pre-sale of To Do Checklist service.

Now Planning made Easier for You

As many successful people have a habit of doing their daily planning, they tend to show greater results and are able to accomplish more tasks. Instead of chasing around too many things, planning ahead your day takes a few minutes in the morning. Using the to-do list software you like the most, the planning job becomes a whole lot easier and more effective. Finding the one to-do list app is a primary goal, and it should have a number of valuable features and options that will allow you to accomplish more tasks, allow to manage your time better and to be highly efficient with your schedule.

Why Choose To Do Checklist?

Today, as a “thank you” gift, you can purchase To Do Checklist with 70% discount and start using it as soon as the service is launched. This is a pre-sale limited-time offer before the official launch of the service. The app has numerous planning options, including setting reminders on time and geo-location. Another great benefit of To Do Checklist is task sharing. A new task can be sent from the iPhone to iPad or selected e-mail, including contacts from your Facebook list.

How to Get Your 1-Year Subscription and Save up to 70%?

The offer is available for the registered and new users who wish to use To Do Checklist service. In order to acquire your discount, do the following steps.

Registered Users:

  1. Login using your VPN Unlimited account.
  2. Click on the banner to purchase the 1-year subscription of To Do Checklist.
  3. Process the payment of 1-year To Do Checklist subscription with 70% off the original price.

New Users:

  1. Register using your e-mail and password.
  2. Enter your online cabinet.
  3. Process the payment of 1-year To Do Checklist subscription with 70% off the original price.

As soon as the service is launched, which is going to happen in May, 2014, you can start using the To Do Checklist app, do your everyday planning, share tasks with your family, friends and colleagues and send tasks to selected e-mails and Facebook contacts. 

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