When to Choose KeepSolid Sign and When not to? Comparative Analysis of eSignature Solutions

When to Choose KeepSolid Sign and When not to? Comparative Analysis of eSignature SolutionsDon’t you just love signing documents? Having a stack of papers that will take you a whole day to fill instead of doing something useful… Or getting a bunch of docs emailed to you and having to print, sign, scan, and then send them all back, one at a time… Magnificent, isn’t it?

All right, we definitely hope no one is THAT into signing! The task of filling documents is widely considered tedious at best, and for good reasons. So, obviously, for ages people all around the world have been trying to come up with ideas on how to improve this process. You could recall ancient pictographs, or the first alphabets, or the invention of the Latin alphabet.

Luckily, nowadays it’s possible to save your nerves, ink, and paper. All thanks to the invention of electronic signature – a perfect solution for our fast and online-driven modern world. It allows you to sign documents online or within an app, reducing downtime and opening new collaboration opportunities.

We at KeepSolid decided to contribute to this cause by developing KeepSolid Sign – a highly tailored eSignature app. It was designed with user convenience and security in mind, and is currently in a public beta test. But, no big surprise, with the new technology being so handy and popular, numerous eSignature solutions swiftly emerged. So we decided to conduct a benchmarking study of our competitors to help you figure out which of the services suits you best.


We have examined 5 of our most popular competitors: DocuSign, HelloSign, SignEasy, PandaDoc, and Adobe Sign. During our research, we have inspected both their own websites and specialized rating resources like Yelp and G2 Crowd. This way, we were able to analyze their declared features along with user reviews. Here are the results we’ve got:

When to Choose KeepSolid Sign and When not to? Comparative Analysis of eSignature Solutions

As you can see, among the features that KeepSolid Sign lacks, the most critical one is the digital signature. For those of you unfamiliar with this, it is a scheme to demonstrate the authenticity of the document. We are aware of the importance of this ingredient and are working to implement it in one of the upcoming updates.

However, among our indisputable benefits are:

    • unmatched security, made available by our expertise in this area and our highly successful experience with a VPN service
    • cross-platform availability, making it possible for you to work with documents when you need using whatever device you happen to have at hand
    • intuitive interface, meaning you and your partners won’t lose precious time figuring out how to edit a document or where to sign it
    • helpful customer support that proved its mettle working with our previous products and leaving our users satisfied
    • fast performance and stability, which is actually quite impressive considering that KeepSolid Sign is still in beta stage

All in all, we consider Adobe Sign to be our greatest competitor. It has its share of useful features, albeit their execution is somewhat lackluster and the product segmentation can be weird. If you urgently need an alright eSign service with the digital signature feature, we suggest you address them. However, if you want to get a completely functional, constantly developing app with all the premium features for FREE (while in beta)… Well, you don’t have to look any further than KeepSolid Sign!

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